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Muhammad Salman Darwis, S.H., M.H.Li

Senior Partner

Fajrin Muflihun

Area Of Practice

Dive into the expansive realm of legal expertise in Muhammad Salman Darwis’s Areas of Practice. From resolving intricate commercial disputes to mastering bankruptcy and debt restructuring, his proficiency spans a wide spectrum of complex litigation matters. Whether it’s navigating police investigations, state administrative issues, general election disputes, or manpower challenges, Muhammad Salman Darwis stands as your unwavering legal ally. Discover the depth of his legal acumen and why he’s the trusted choice for diverse legal needs. Explore the full article for insights into his remarkable career and how he can guide you to success.


Salman holds a Master of Law degree from University of Gadjah Mada and he is a member of PERADI (Indonesian Bar Association) and holds an Indonesian BAR License to practice before the Indonesian courts.

Meet Muhammad Salman Darwis, an esteemed Dispute Resolution Partner renowned for his exceptional legal acumen. With an illustrious career, Muhammad Salman Darwis has become a trusted name in the legal world, known for his expertise in resolving complex disputes and navigating multifaceted legal challenges.

Expertise in Commercial Disputes

Muhammad Salman Darwis boasts substantial experience in handling commercial disputes. His deep understanding of the intricacies of business and commerce enables him to provide strategic counsel and effective solutions. Whether it’s contract disputes, partnership issues, or other commercial conflicts, Muhammad Salman Darwis is the go-to expert.

Bankruptcy and Debt Restructuring Specialist

In the realm of bankruptcy and debt restructuring, Muhammad Salman Darwis is a true specialist. His meticulous approach and knowledge of financial intricacies have helped clients safeguard their assets and navigate complex financial crises. When facing insolvency challenges, Muhammad Salman Darwis is the advocate you can trust.

Complex Litigation Matters

Muhammad Salman Darwis excels in handling complex litigation matters. From high-stakes police investigations to intricate state administrative cases, he has a proven track record of delivering favorable outcomes for clients. His expertise extends to general election disputes and manpower matters, making him a well-rounded legal authority.

Strategic Legal Counsel

Beyond his extensive experience, Muhammad Salman Darwis is known for his strategic legal counsel. He approaches each case with a results-oriented mindset, ensuring that clients receive personalized solutions aligned with their objectives. His dedication to achieving the best possible outcomes sets him apart in the legal field.

Trusted Legal Advisor

Muhammad Salman Darwis has earned a reputation as a trusted legal advisor, known for his commitment to clients’ interests. Whether you’re a corporation in need of litigation expertise or an individual seeking justice, Muhammad Salman Darwis offers unwavering support and guidance.

Your Legal Partner in Success

In a dynamic legal landscape, having a partner like Muhammad Salman Darwis can make all the difference. With a proven history of excellence across various legal domains, he is dedicated to delivering results. Whether you’re facing commercial disputes, financial challenges, or complex litigation, Muhammad Salman Darwis is the advocate who will champion your cause and secure your legal interests.

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