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Fajrin Muflihun, S.H.

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Area Of Practice

From dispute resolution and bankruptcy to defending an alleged corruption crime and assisting the governments in constitutional matter, his expertise knows no bounds. Whether you are a corporation in need of strategic counsel or an individual seeking justice, explore how Fajrin’s multifaceted legal skills can be your guide to success.




Fajrin holds a Bachelor of Law degree from University of Airlangga and member of PERADI (Indonesian Bar Association) and IKAPI (Indonesian Receiver and Administrator Association). He is a qualified attorney to practice before the Indonesian courts.

Meet Fajrin Muflihun, a highly regarded Commercial Dispute Resolution Partner renowned for his legal prowess and extensive experience in various fields. With an impressive track record, Fajrin has firmly established himself as a trusted legal expert capable of handling complex cases.

Expertise in Arbitration and Litigation

Fajrin’s expertise spans multiple domains, including arbitration and litigation. His comprehensive knowledge of these legal processes positions him as a go-to resource for clients seeking swift and effective resolution of disputes. Fajrin’s dedication to achieving favorable outcomes is second to none.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Specialist

In the intricate realm of bankruptcy and insolvency, Fajrin excels. His in-depth understanding of financial complexities and legal intricacies allows him to guide clients through challenging times. Whether it’s safeguarding assets or navigating the complexities of insolvency proceedings, Fajrin is the trusted advocate you need.

Defending bribery and corruption allegations

Fajrin’s commitment to upholding justice extends to defend bribery and corruption allegation. He has a proven track record of taking on a high profile corruption cases. His dedication to the pursuit of justice and integrity sets him apart in this critical legal arena.

Government Support and Judicial Review

Fajrin’s contributions are not limited to private clients; he also plays a vital role in assisting governments with judicial review proceedings. His insight into administrative law and the intricacies of government operations makes him an invaluable asset in ensuring justice and fairness prevail.

Corporate and Commercial Insight

Beyond dispute resolution and crime, Fajrin possesses significant corporate and commercial acumen. His strategic thinking and business-savvy approach benefit clients seeking guidance on intricate corporate matters. Whether you’re navigating mergers, acquisitions, or complex contractual arrangements, Fajrin’s expertise adds tremendous value.

Your Trusted Legal Partner

In a dynamic legal landscape, having a trusted partner like Fajrin Muflihun can make all the difference. With a proven record of excellence across various legal domains, Fajrin is dedicated to delivering results. Whether you’re an individual, a corporation, or a government entity, you can rely on Fajrin’s unwavering commitment to your legal needs. Contact him today to discover how he can champion your cause and secure your legal interests.


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