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Ade Solahudin, S.E.I., M.E. AAIK., FIIS

Senior Partner

Fajrin Muflihun


Area Of Practice

Ade Solahudin is a Banking and Finance Partner with an expertise in finance, accounting, Islamic banking and insurance, and auditing especially in financial services industry, he has a broad experience in leading a finance and accounting team which also preparing financial reports, both for internal and external purposes.


Ade holds a Master of Islamic Economic and Finance from Trisakti University and Indonesian insurance expert from United Latino Student Association.

Meet Ade Solahudin, a distinguished Tax, Banking, and Finance Partner known for his exceptional expertise in the financial world. With an illustrious career, Ade Solahudin has become a trusted name in finance, accounting, and auditing, particularly within the financial services industry.

Mastery of Finance, Accounting, and Auditing

Ade Solahudin’s mastery extends across finance, accounting, and auditing, making him a formidable force in the financial services sector. His deep understanding of these domains positions him as a go-to resource for clients seeking financial clarity and compliance.

Broad Experience in Leadership

Ade Solahudin boasts a wealth of experience in leading finance and accounting teams. His leadership extends beyond mere management; he fosters excellence and innovation within his teams, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle complex financial matters.

Crafting Comprehensive Financial Reports

One of Ade Solahudin’s key strengths lies in crafting comprehensive financial reports. These reports, prepared for both internal and external purposes, are a testament to his dedication to transparency and financial integrity. Clients can rely on his meticulous approach to ensure accurate and reliable financial information.

Tailored Financial Solutions

Ade Solahudin understands that each financial challenge is unique. His approach is deeply personalized, as he collaborates closely with clients to create tailored financial solutions that align with their objectives. Whether it’s tax planning, financial strategy, or compliance matters, Ade Solahudin’s expertise shines through.

Your Financial Partner in Success

In the dynamic world of finance, having a partner like Ade Solahudin can be a game-changer. He is not just a Tax, Banking, and Finance Partner; he is your ally in navigating financial complexities and ensuring your financial health and success.

Unparalleled Financial Expertise

Ade Solahudin’s unparalleled financial expertise is a beacon of trust in the financial industry. Whether you’re a financial institution, a corporation, or an individual seeking financial guidance, Ade Solahudin offers unwavering support and guidance. Explore the depth of his financial acumen and discover why he’s the go-to expert for all your financial needs.

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